Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

Please Read Carefully

Fuel Charge – Fuel is non refundable.  Vehicles must be returned in same level as received or fuel will be charged at AVIS gas price. Upon returning the vehicle customer must bring proof of purchase of fuel.  If customer is not able to provide proof purchase, fuel will be charged to the customer at AVIS gas price for kilometers used.

Vehicle Condition – AVIS is not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle.  Please be sure to clean and empty interior of vehicle prior to return.  A fee may be charged service charge for returning the interior of vehicle with excess sand, dirt, trash, debris or other elements.

Open Contracts – If customer is not present to close the contract, customer hereby authorizes Explore Car Rental N.V. to charge the credit card provided in the rental agreement to cover payment for all charges related to the rental agreement

Airport Concession – Any rental contracts open or closed at the airport location are subject to the airport concession charge, as required by the Aruba Airport Authority.

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) when purchased with the rental:

  • Who what is covered? AVIS Car
  • What is Covered? Theft, Damage, Vandalism, Broken Glass. (Theft covered as long as renter is not negligent, and complies with the terms and conditions of the RA.)
  • Limits of Coverage:
    • LDW – Full Value of Avis Car
    • CDW – $500 usd Deductible  applies.
  • If not involved in any the above incidents, customers assumes full responsibility for any and all broken or missing parts and accessories.

LDW / CDW covers only the vehicle in the event of collision, loss or damage, or vehicle theft.

LDW / CDW will be forfeited and client will be responsible for all damages and expenses if they or an additional driver authorized or not:

Fails to report and accident to Police and AVIS;  Fails to complete and accident report;  Uses vehicle for illegal purposes;  Obtains the vehicle through fraud  or  misrepresentation;  Leaves vehicle unattended with doors, trunk, windows open or unlocked or keys left inside;  Conducts reckless driving or while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances;  Damages tires, rims, and or suspension;  Abuses the vehicle or violate prohibited use of operations;  Drives vehicle on unpaved roads irresponsibly;  Takes vehicle through mud, sand, off-road, over rocks, on beach or have the vehicle stuck (towing fee will also apply).